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You can reach Gerald Cobb, Founder & CEO by email or phone:

Telephone: 512.650.3921

Email: geraldcobb@greenfootprintsolutions.com

Welcome to Green Footprint Solutions, Inc.!

My name is Gerald Cobb, Founder and CEO of Green Footprint Solutions, Inc..  After spending 15 years in Executive management and 20 years total in the Supply Chain and Distribution Industry, I thought I had left the distribution world forever! I originally left the distribution industry and spent some time in the real estate development world but my interest in the world of “Going Green” and ECO friendly products lead to my discovery of some product lines that were not very well known in the distribution, logistics & freight hauling arenas.  Once I studied the multitudes of testimonials and test results and then experienced the results for myself with these product lines I immediately knew that forming Green Footprint Solutions, Inc. was inevitable.

Knowing that bringing these solutions to my friends in the freight, supply chain, and distribution world would potentially save them millions of dollars in reduced fuel and maintenance costs was very exciting to say the least.  Add to this the idea of helping them to significantly reduce their harmful emissions while the products were saving them significant expenses and even being adding to positive cash flow made it a “No Brainier!”

Although initially focused in the world of freight, distribution, & supply chain the wide applications of the products we chose to distribute have led us to expand our reach to helping businesses that operate combustible engines in an almost unlimited capacity with solutions applicable to:

Over The Road, Off Road Equipment, and On the Water Commercial Use.

Having served time as both President & CEO and Division President, as well as Division VP positions in Operations, Finance, Sales, & Purchasing/Supply Chain –  Gerald knows how important it is for you to be a steward of your companies money and resources, including your time. Gerald has been in the trenches just like his clients and knows how tight the margins can be and how important expense control is to your success

“When I served in executive management roles in the Distribution / Supply Chain industry I was consistently looking for products to increase our operational efficiencies. I can say with 100% certainty that had I known about the products I now represent at Green Footprint Solutions, Inc. we would have saved millions of dollars in reduced expense.  I’ve never seen a products perform this way and with such far reaching implications into every area of the business!”

About Green Footprint Solutions, Inc. :

Green Footprint Solutions, Inc. is based out of Austin, Texas and is specialized in bringing to market legitimate green technologies that are effective in Fleet, Warehouse & Office sustainability efforts while producing a substantial ROI within the first year of investment. For example, our two primary solutions In the Fleet arena can both reduce emissions up to 33% while increasing fuel economy from 5% – 15% thus producing an ROI of as high as 100% in as little as a three month period. While our focus began in bringing these solutions to the Logistics, Distribution, Supply Chain, and Over the Road Freight Industries, we are now also bringing these solutions to Industries utilizing Off Road Equipment & On The Water Commercial Boats, as well as the the consumer market – delighting GREEN MINDED consumers nationwide!

More about the background of Gerald Cobb, Founder & CEO of Green Footprint Solutions, Inc. :

Gerald spent over 20 years in that realm in executive management roles including CEO & President of a  multi-location West Coast Foodservice Distribution company with over 500 associates, as Division President of a Central Texas Food Distribution Division of a National Foodservice Distribution company, as well as in VP roles in almost all functional areas including VP of Sales, VP of Operations, VP of Purchasing & Marketing, and even VP of Finance.

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