ECO Systems Fuel Enhancer ~ Pricing


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The ECO System Device for your application:

  • ECO-2 is for engines up to 5L (Small Engines, Diesel Refrigeration Units, Smaller Automobiles.)
  • ECO-4 is for engines up to around 400 HP (Larger Automobiles, Large SUVs, Small Gasoline and Diesel Engines.)
  • ECO-5 is for engines over 400 HP, with a fuel line diameter of 1/2 inch or less (Larger Diesel Engines, Large Road & Off Road Equipment, Commercial Boats, etc.)
  • ECO-7 is for the largest of engines and HP, especially where the fuel line diameter exceeds 1/2 inch up to 1 1/2 Inches  (These have been successfully installed on Larger Tow Boats, Commercial Fishing Boats, Power generators, Off Road Mining, Oil Field and other large Equipment.)

ECO UNIT                              Pricing                             

ECO #2                                    $270.00

ECO #4                                    $390.00

ECO #5                                    $450.00

ECO #7                                    $975.00

  • Pricing does not include installation kits or installation charges.
  • ECO Installation Kits are available for almost all engine types and sizes. Pricing runs from $49.95 to $59.95 per kit.   Discounts are available for Large Fleet and bulk orders.
  • Installation time usually runs from thirty (30) minutes to one hour. Installation should be performed by a certified mechanic.
  • For access to the new ECO Systems Fuel Enhancer Presentation Click Here!
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  • 10 Seconds: That’s about how long we have to convince you that you will save fuel and reduce emissions using the patented ECO Systems Fuel Enhancer.

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