ECO UNIT & Installation KIT Reference Guide

Reference list for ECO Units and Kits

ECO Fuel Enhancer Units

ECO #2  – For use on Gasoline Engines of 5 Liter or smaller.

ECO #4 – For use on Over 5 Liter Gasoline and up to 400 hpr Diesel.

ECO #5 – For use on Over 400 hpr Diesel up to ½” Fuel Lines.

ECO #7 – For use on Diesel fuel lines larger than ½” up to 1½ “ fuel lines.

ECO Installation Kits

INST-001 – Kit  JIC #10 for use on Many Cummins, Pacar, Volvos, and Detroits   

                    With JIC #10 fittings on the fuel filter outlet.

INST-002 – JIC #6 for use on most all Caterpillar engines on Buses and Trucks

                    After the fuel filter going to the injection rail.

INST-003 – SAE #6 for use on many Detroits and Mack trucks with SAE fittings on

                     the fuel lines after the fuel pump.

INST – 004 – JIC #8 for use on fuel lines with JIC #8 fittings found on some

                       Detroits, Cummins and some water separators.

INST – 005 – 3/8 quick disconnects for use on most all GM motors, Hondas, 6.0

                       Powerstrokes, Dodge Hemi’s, and newer Ford Models with 3/8

                        Quick disconnects at the fuel rail or after the fuel filter.

INST-006 – 5/16 quick disconnects for use on Chryslers, Dodge, Nissans, Toyotas,  

                     Jeeps, Fords with 5/16 quick disconnect, 7.3 Powerstrokes

INST-007 – Gates quick disconnect for Fords, Mercury and Lincolns at the

                     injection rail. Police Interceptor Crown Vics.

INST-008 – ½” quick disconnect for use on Chevy Duramax Diesel, Ford 6.4

                    Powerstroke and 6.7 Powerstroke.

INST-009 – Bosch quick disconnect for use on International DT466, Cummins and

                     Volvos with Bosch quick disconnects after the filters.

INST-010 – Flathead 3/8 fittings for use on some Caterpillar engines.

INST – 011 – Kit for some Hyundai’s on fuel line before injection rail.

INST – 012 –  Installation for Internationl VT365 Max Force 7

INST – 013 – For Gm models with no quick disconnects. Installs after fuel filter.

INST – 014 – International 444E and DT466 with no Bosch Quick Disconnect.

INST – 015 – For Mercedes Engines on School Buses.

INST – 016 – Installation for 5.9 Cummins engines.

INST – 017 – Fittings for installation on ½” plastic line with compression fittings.

                      Some Detroit engines and some Mercedes Engines.


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